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Racing Mania Brake System
Конзола Бензинови Помпи Toyota Supra MKIV

Алуминиева Конзола за до 3бр Бензинови Помпи за Toyota Supra MKIV 1993-98


За директно заместване на оригиналнато стойка на Toyota supra JZA80 MKIV (1993 – 1998).


With the ability to house 3X 39MM Fuel pumps there is no need to worry about fueling issues again.

The stock Electrical connector screws straight into our hangers.


Triple fuel pumps in tank will support over 1500rwhp, and will be streetable.
Still not nearly as loud as any external pump that can handle as much horsepower.


This is the perfect fuel pump hanger for twin or triple pumps.


1x AN8 Orb, 2x AN4 orbs, Meaning the top fittings can easily be swapped out for the appropriate fittings to support whichever sized lines you choose to run.

Конзола Бензинови Помпи Toyota Supra MKIV

650,00 лв.Цена
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