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Racing Mania Brake System
Electric Boost Controller

Electronic Solenoid Dual Stage Boost Controller

Switch between your stock boost level and a preset boost from your drivers seat.
Adjustment is made by the screw knob on port one of the solenoid. It has ultra fine and accurate adjustment with self locking nuts that allow you to precisely lock your pre-set boost.
High quality pressure balanced 120psi solenoid
Switch has a RED LED light that glows when unit is active
Unit can be hard wired into power or you can simply plug it into your cigarette lighter for power


Package Includes:

- Adjustable Boost Solenoid with vacuum line fittings
- Iluminated Switch with power cabling
- Vacuum Hose
- Mounting bracket with nuts and bolts
- Hose Clamps
- Printed Instructions

Electric Boost Controller

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