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Motorsport HURRICANE Air Filter - Long

Twin cone performance air filter for motorsport and racing where flow and power are prioritized.


Most flow per cm2 filter area in the class ! 

4 layer oiled filter material (can be used without oil)  !


Inlet: 63mm (2.5") to 152mm (6")
Total length: 280mm

Power range: Over 1000hp but completely dependent on other engine components. 


Construction: Filter material that is built up in layers with a steel skeleton that gives the air filter stability to withstand surge and pressure shocks in the best possible way.

Mounting: Mounted so fresh air easily reaches the filter surface. Mounted protected from the engine's heat radiation as the intake temperature affect engine performance ina negative way. Also keep the filter protected from water, dirt and heat radiation for the best possible life span.

Cleaning: Special filter cleaning should be used for best result.

Maintenance: Hurricane motorsport air filter is very wear resistant but must still be handled carefully to maintain maximum power and flow.

Models: from tuned street cars to drag racing cars.

Motorsport HURRICANE Air Filter - Long

PriceFrom 189,00лв
Tax Included