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Racing Mania Brake System
TENACI Clutch Kit - 184mm Triple Plate 1800NM

TENACI clutch 7,25" (184mm) Triple Plate Kit

1800NM max torque


Clutch disc 4 or 6 puck with MIBA pads


Kit include:
1x 184mm pressure plate
1x 184mm top floater

2x 184mm floater

3x 184mm clutch disc



AUDI 23 splines

SAAB 14 splines

SAAB 23 splines

TOYOTA SUPRA V160 14 splines

TOYOTA R154 21 splines

VOLVO M56/58 23 splines

VOLVO M45/M46/M47 22 splines

VOLVO M90 20 splines

VOLVO M56 20 splines

BMW 10 splines 28,6mm shaft

BMW 10 splines 35mm shaft

BMW 22 splines 28.6 shaft

BMW 26 splines 35mm shaft

MAZDA 23 splines

GM 26 splines

MB 26 splines

NISSAN 24 splines

TENACI Clutch Kit - 184mm Triple Plate 1800NM

Tax Included