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Racing Mania Brake System
TENACI Hydraulic Realese Bearing - Adjustable

Tenaci's adjustable Hydraulic thrust bearings are suitable for Tenaci, Tilton, ACE Racing, Quartermaster ,, Sachs and AP racing and more. A universal layer with different hole patterns to fit most boxes with a little modification. Adjustable lengthwise / height to fit different clutch kits and different gearboxes.

Fits the following gearboxes:

Toyota V160 gearbox
BMW ZF gearbox *
* If you use a ZF box, you must remove the sleeve on which the original release bearing slides.


Fits the following clutch sizes: 184mm to 240mm


Bolt pattern / dimensions:

3 bolt holes in the middle - 60x60x73mm CC
4 bolt holes 94mm CC
4 bolt holes 97mm CC
4 bolt holes 107mm CC

Inner diameter of the sleeve: ~36.2 mm

The bolt holes are 6.5 mm large





Inlet and outlet on the bearing is AN3 (3/8 -24) female with concave seal at the bottom if you want to use a nipple that is convex. It is also possible to use a banjo and seal with a washer against the bearing body.

TENACI Hydraulic Realese Bearing - Adjustable

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